SDGs Airlangga Interdisciplinary Learning

SAIL 2024-1


SDGs Airlangga Interdisciplinary Learning (SAIL) is a competitive grant scheme provided through the SDGs Center for study programs implementing summer course programs in 2024. Through the SAIL program, domestic and international students are expected to have knowledge about the SDGs pillars, urgency, conditions for achieving SDGs and various programs aimed at providing students with the skills to analyze various innovative approaches in efforts to achieve SDGs at the local, regional, national and global levels.


Innovation for Change: Addressing Global Challenges through Collaboration


Innovation for Change: Addressing Global Challenges through Collaboration


SDG 16

International Law and Legal Regulations on SDGs


Economics and Urban Development


Health and Global Health Burden


Cultural and Social Development


Environmental Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation


Clean and Renewable Energy Transition

18 March 

Application Registration

19 March - 1 April

Proposal Acceptance

2 - 4 April

Proposal Review

5 April

Grant Winner Announcement 

6 April - 19 May

SAIL Program Implementation

20 May

SAIL Program Report Submission

21 May - 14 June

Monitoring and Evaluation

Provisions for Submitting Proposal

  • The participants must be willing to organize a summer course aligned with the predetermined theme. The organizer is responsible for its implementation at Universitas Airlangga

  • This summer course includes 10 international participants (involving as many partner countries as possible) and up to 10 individuals (excluding international students currently studying at UNAIR)

  • Involve at least one international lecturer in the summer course program

  • Be willing to maintain the sustainability of the program through institutionalizing activities to meet the established program success indicators, by transforming the funded summer course into a regular periodic program (annual, biennial, or triennial).

  • Have a track record of interdisciplinary academic cooperation, demonstrated through a MoU, MoA/Letter of Intent with international partners in the field of the three pillars of higher education.

  • The winner of the SAIL Program 2024 Grant must participate in the SDGs Booth exhibition at the SDGs Festival 2024.

  • The winners are required to create video documentation of the SAIL Program 2024 with a minimum duration of 5 minutes and publish the event in the form of a news article.

  • Facilitate the creation of a memorandum of understanding between the SDGs center and the partner program/faculty/university.