SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

"SDG 6 focuses on the affordability and distribution of safe water for the community, adequate hygiene for the community, improving water quality by reducing water pollution, increasing water use efficiency, and ensuring a sustainable water supply to address the problem of water scarcity."

- THE Impact Ranking Methodology 2021-

SDGs Center UNAIR Visits FKM UNAIR for an SDGs Roadshow

On Monday morning (25/7/2022), the SDGs Center UNAIR hosted a roadshow to socialize the SDGs with the Faculty of Public Health at Universitas Airlangga (FKM UNAIR). The event, which took place in FKM UNAIR's Sumarto Danusugondho Hall, was officially launched by Trias Mahmudiono, SKM MPH GCAS PhD, the deputy dean III who oversees research and community development.

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The Importance of Conserving Water on Campus

In support of the Water Saving mission, Universitas Airlangga provides automatic water faucets and step sinks to students and staff. The existence of this technology can help save water by reducing water waste.

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Planting Drought-tolerant Trees

Several tropical trees have been planted in Airlangga University's green space. Tropical trees of the Balibong, Ketapang Varigata, Jaranan, and Trembesi varieties can be found in the green area on Campus C UNAIR.

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Sustainable Buildings in Universitas Airlangga

Universitas Airlangga embodies the theme of a sustainable campus. Several efforts, such as replacing water faucets with automatic faucets, making biopore holes and absorption areas around the building are ways to build an environmentally friendly campus.

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free Drinking Water

Ready-to-drink Water Faucet at Campus C Universitas Airlangga

Ready-to-drink Water Faucet at Campus C Universitas Airlangga Surya Sembada Surabaya's Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) gave support in the form of a Ready to Drink Water Faucet (KASM) installed in the open area UNAIR.

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Universitas Airlangga Utilizes Ablution Wastewater

The facilities and infrastructure department has taken steps to recycle and reuse the water that has been utilized. The remaining water is recycled from the ablution water on campus area B and C.

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Water Consumption Tracking at Universitas Airlangga in 2019

Water Consumption of PDAM Surya Sembada Surabaya City at Universitas Airlangga within one year, namely in 2019.

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Concern for Environment, Banyuwangi UNAIR Students Holds “Beach Clean Up”

With the name of “Bhakti For Jombang #7”, two students from Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), Achmad Ardiansyah Romadhoni from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) and Titik Nur Hayati, alumnus of Faculty of Vocational Studies (FV) had an opportunity to directly participate in community service activities held in Jombang border region.

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From Surabaya River Water to Drinking Water for the People

The activity in Lecture Hall B of FKG UNAIR was a follow-up study on women’s empowerment from Karin Batch 1, which discussed sexual assault. Furthermore, the study attended by more than 200 students, also aims to introduce the Help Center as a counseling forum that is ready to assist students in overcoming personal problems.

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Kincir air

Waterwheel Water Extraction Technology on Airlangga University Lake

This water wheel is used to aerate the water. Living creatures in the lake environment, such as fish and aquatic plants, require aeration. Aeration boosts oxygen levels in the water during the process, allowing the living organisms in it to develop in a healthy and rapid way.

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KKN BBM UNAIR Tuban Fokus Atasi Permasalahan Kesehatan dan Sanitasi

Wilayah ditiga kecamatan yakni Bangilan, Jatirogo, dan Kenduruan membutuhkan perbaikan. Perbaikan pada bidang kesehatan dan sanitasi masih jauh tertinggal dari kecamatan lainnya di Kabupaten Tuban.

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Collaboration of various elements to achieve flood-free Surabaya and good quality water

Brantas Tuntas Community Service Program aims to make students concern with the condition of the Brantas river because the condition of the river can affect environmental health and clean water.

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Mahasiswa Fakultas Perikanan dan Kelautan UNAIR Ajarkan Mengubah Air Laut Menjadi Air Tawar untuk Masyarakat Kenjeran

Program Studi Akuakultur Fakultas Perikanan dan Kelautan UNAIR menciptakan program AITAKASI, yaitu metode sederhana menggunakan kulit cangkang kerang tahu sebagai biofilter air dan dengan menggunakan proses destilasi untuk mengubah air laut menjadi air tawar.

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Understanding World Water Day Commemoration

Commemoration of World Water Day is on March 22. It is commemorated so that all citizens of the world realize the importance of clean water in their lives.

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Two hundred UNAIR Students and TNI Collaborate to Overcome Problems in Citarum River

Together with the TNI through the Koramil, students work together to manage the Citarum River area. Both physically and non-physically.

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Soroti Permasalahan Air Bersih, BEM UNAIR Bangun Sumur di Kampung Jolosutro, Blitar

Gerakan Bangun (Gerbang) Desa Jilid V kembali dilaksanakan di Kampung Jolosutro, Blitar selama sembilan hari pada Jum’at (26/7/2019) hingga Sabtu (3/8/2019).

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Gubernur Jatim Luncurkan KKN Kolaboratif “Brantas Tuntas” Bersama 8 PTN

Pertemuan yang berlangsung di Gedung Negara Grahadi itu berlangsung untuk membahas rancangan KKN kolaboratif ‘Brantas Tuntas’.

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Langkah Aksi Bersih Pantai Bersama ENJ UNAIR 2019 di Pedalaman Sulawesi

Ekspedisi Nusantara Jaya (ENJ) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) melakukan aksi nyata bersama warga untuk membersihkan pantai.

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