SDGs Center Universitas Airlangga Provides Knowledge About SDGs in Webinar Seri 19 ASN BELAJAR “ASN: The Agent of Sustainable Living Movement”

Badan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia (BPSDM) of East Java Province held a Webinar Seri 19 ASN BELAJAR “ASN: The Agent of Sustainable Living Movement” which discussed educational topics with the theme of Sustainable Development Goals and invited ASN to implement a sustainable lifestyle. This theme is used as a form of support from the BPSDM of East Java Province to participate in the success of achieving Indonesia's SDGs in 2030. 

The invitation to implement the Sustainability Lifestyle Movement was welcomed by all webinar participants because it was considered to be able to provide information, education, and real-life action examples of implementing a sustainable lifestyle that is easy to do in everyday life. When the participants have understood what the SDGs are, why these SDGs are the only solution for improving lives, and what benefits are very influential on Indonesia's sustainable development, then we can find out what can be applied in everyday life. The Chairperson of the SDGs Center Universitas Airlangga, Mr. Bayu Arie Fianto, SE., MBA., Ph.D., provides an applicable example of a sustainable lifestyle, and it is hoped that ASN can understand that ASN must be a promoter and role model for implementing a sustainable lifestyle. The ASN Learning Webinar Talkshow Series 19, which was held on Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 08.30–11.30 WIB, has made the enthusiasm of the participants to actively participate in providing questions, messages, and impressions while participating in this activity through Zoom Meetings and Youtube BPSDM JATIM TV. 

Author: Bakti Hasanudin