Strategic meeting between Universitas Airlangga(UNAIR) and Western Sydney University(WSU) Australia

Surabaya - Universitas Airlangga in Indonesia and Western Sydney University in Australia convened a strategic meeting on August 22, 2023, The Brief Meeting was hosted by Universitas Airlangga.

As the host of the event, Universitas Airlangga welcomed representatives and experts from both institutions to engage in meaningful discussions.

During the session, various collaborative programs were explored in depth. The universities sought to discover synergies between their areas of expertise, aiming to maximize the impact of their joint efforts. The potential areas of collaboration ranged from sustainable development and technological innovation to cultural exchange and academic research. By pooling their strengths, Universitas Airlangga and Western Sydney University aimed to create a conducive environment for transformative change on a global scale.

Author: Saharani Nurlaila Buamonabot, S.Hum