Universitas Airlangga Champions Zero Hunger Through Grand Anniversary

In a resounding commitment to combat hunger and foster inclusivity, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) marked its anniversary with an extraordinary initiative, distributing tens of thousands of diverse Indonesian foods to students, staff, lecturers, alumni, and the wider public. This monumental event, aptly named "Makanan Gratis Dies Natalis UNAIR ke-69," not only celebrated the academic milestone but also underscored the university's dedication to addressing societal challenges, particularly the issue of hunger.

The sprawling campus of UNAIR transformed into a culinary haven, offering a rich tapestry of Indonesian gastronomy. From traditional delicacies to contemporary delights, the event sought to provide a sensory journey for everyone in attendance. The aim was not solely to satiate appetites but to make a meaningful contribution to the global initiative of achieving zero hunger.

Prof. Nasih, Rector of Universitas Airlangga, expressed profound enthusiasm for the university's role in creating a socially responsible community. "As an institution of higher learning, our responsibilities extend beyond academic excellence. We are committed to making a positive impact on society, and combating hunger is a pivotal aspect of our mission."

Free food for All drew a diverse crowd, uniting students, faculty members, alumni, and members of the public in a shared experience of culinary exploration. The atmosphere resonated with joy and unity as people from various backgrounds came together to enjoy a meal and engage in meaningful conversations.

Beyond its culinary delights, the event also served as a platform to raise awareness about food waste and promote sustainable practices. Biodegradable packaging and responsible consumption were encouraged, aligning with UNAIR's commitment to environmental stewardship.

In addition to the delectable array of dishes, the celebration featured cultural performances, live music, and interactive activities, creating an immersive experience for all attendees. The event not only showcased Universitas Airlangga's academic excellence but also highlighted its dedication to being a socially conscious institution.

Universitas Airlangga's groundbreaking initiative underscores the potential for educational institutions to play a pivotal role in addressing societal challenges. As the sun set on this grand celebration, the echoes of shared meals and shared aspirations lingered, symbolizing a significant step towards a future where hunger is no longer a barrier to human flourishing.

Author: Saharani Buamonabot